Remezcla coverage of the 2017 Cinema Tropical Award nominees- Best U.S. Latino Film

Remezcla coverage of the 2017 Cinema Tropical Award nominees- Best U.S. Latino Film


The 7th Annual Cinema Tropical Award Nominees: ‘Embrace of the Serpent,’ ‘Neon Bull’ and More

The awards honor the best Latin American film productions of the year.

Best U.S. Latino Film

“H.O.M.E.” (Daniel Maldonado, USA)

“Jacqueline (Argentine)” (Bernardo Britto, USA)

“Los Sures” (Diego Echevarria, USA)

“Lucha Mexico” (Alex Hammond and Ian Markiewicz, USA)

“When Two Worlds Collide” (Heidi Brandenburg and Mathew Orzel, USA/Peru)

Upcoming Festival screening info coming soon!

Upcoming Festival screening info coming soon!

NJ Film Festival Summer 2016 launches June 4

FILM: Bergen native’s movie in N.J. film festival

The New Jersey International Film Festival 2016 opens Saturday at Rutgers University in New Brunswick with quirky independent shorts and features with themes ranging from drug use ("Psychedelia," June 17) to Kurdish culture ("Kurdistan-Kurdistan," June 12) to the uprising of the 99 percent ("Occupy Texas," today). One local film — "H.O.M.E." (June 18), a double-barreled story of urban desperation — is by Hasbrouck Heights native Daniel Maldonado. In all, 21 films will be shown in the festival, held at several locations on the Rutgers University campus (today to June 18). $12 general admission per program.

— Jim Beckerman

Award winning Latino Filmmaker Debuts Innovative Urban Film in the Heart of New York City

Director Daniel Maldonado has come “home” to the city he loves, bringing his New York- “love letter” film to Queens for its New York premier. H.O.M.E. will debut at the 2016 Queens World Film Festival. New York City, NY, March 7, 2016—The wait is over and it’s time to come “home” again, this time to the Museum Of Moving Images in New York City where the eagerly awaited film “H.O.M.E.” is debuting. Director Daniel Maldonado’s film will be screened at the Sixth Annual Queens World Film Festival in Astoria, Queens. It’s fitting that the film will be screened at the Museum of Moving Images, which is in the same borough where it was made. 50% of H.O.M.E. was filmed in Queens and features two simultaneous storylines about communication in the big city, loosely based on actual events in the boroughs of New York. The first story of H.O.M.E. focuses on a young Latino man with Asperger’s Syndrome who hides in the subways, while the second story follows an Ecuadorian driver from Jackson Heights, who offers to give a stranded Chinese woman a ride in order to care for her sick child. The ambitious and personal film comes from multiple award-winning director Daniel Maldonado, who previously earned mainstream recognition for his short films. The film is produced by Darren Dean ( Independent Spirit Award nominee Tangerine & Sundance winner Kinyarwanda) and features an award winning ensemble including Jesus Ochoa, Jeremy Ray Valdez and Angela Lin. As the director explains, the film is about the human condition and in particular urban verbal communication. “What we see is that these characters are able to communicate in a universal language and it brings out the idea of universality and the ability we have to cross linguistic and cultural barriers. So while it’s about intimacy and human connection, the story is told through the lens of a disconnected city in constant motion.” The title of the film is also significant as it is referred to as the “acronym of home,” which is an open interpretation and a symbolic place wherever one feels comfortable and safe. The cast and crew of H.O.M.E. are honored to have their movie screened at the same event that will be honoring the great Melvin Van Peebles, an influence for Maldonado who has been studying the nuances of cinema for over twenty years. The full-length seventy-five minute movie will be screened at the festival at 6:00 p.m. on March 18, 2016. For more information, visit OR buy tickets directly at

We are happy to share with you the news of the first NY screening of the long awaited film. This will take place at the prestigious Museum Of Moving Image in Astoria, Queens as part of the 6th annual Queens World Film Festival which will happen next month March 18th. More news to follow.




A big congratulations to H.O.M.E. producer Darren Dean for his other film Tangerine by Sean Baker has premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival 2015. This is Darren's 2nd visit with a film at the festival.